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Digital Technician and Assistant 

After graduating from Academy of Art University's Photography program in May 2022, Madison Handley moved to San Diego to start her career. In order to gain real world experience on photoshoots and grow connections within this new community, Madison knows the importance of working under incredible professional photographers. In her time at AAU, she gained extensive knowledge and proficiency on gear, retouching and tethering softwares, various high end lights and cameras, as well as great organization and time management skills. She is a PhaseOne Certified Professional and is intimately familiar with using Profoto, Broncolor, Nikon, Sony, and Cannon and is a quick learner when it comes to new technology and softwares. 

Serving the San Diego and Los Angeles area, Madison Handley is committed to helping a photographer any way she can while on shoot. From setting up lights to readying and running Capture One, she will make any shoot run smoother and faster so the photographers can focus on what's most important. She is usually available on short notice and very reliable. 

Madison Handley is listed as a Digital Technician and Assistant on Photo Politic (view).

Need some help on a photoshoot? Feel free to reach out through email or send me a text. 

Photographers that have worked with Madison: Weston Fuller, Nicole Smith, Marshall Williams, Nick Nacca

(915) 203-5843

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